Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla's

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He is a versatile gun dog that must be able to work in the field, well covered ground or water, having the following qualities: an excellent nose, firmness on the point, excellent retrieves and determination to remain on the scent even when swimming,which he thoroughly enjoys.He copes with difficult terrain as well as extreme weather conditions, as he is intended to be an efficient hunting dog any gun or game shyness, unwillingness to point or retrieve as well as a dislike to water are considered undesirable and therefore should not enter into a breeding programe. He is a lively russet gold hunting dog of muscular but lean body structure but more robust than the Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla.


Dia with one of her pups from the "G" litter

Iram,Josag and Dia

The hair is wiry, close lying, strong, dence but not glossy the length of the outer coat is two or three cm with a dense, water repellent undercoat, the outline of the the body must not be hidden by the longer coat. By its hardness and density the coat should provide as much protection as possible against weather conditions and bramble.The lower parts of the legs as well as the undersides of the chest and belly should be covered with shorter, softer and slightly thinner hair, the coat on the head and on the leathers is shorter and at the same time a little darker, however not soft or dence.Pronounced eyebrows accentuate the stop, this and a strong not to long harsh beard on both sides of the muzzle underline the determined expression. On both sides of the neck the coat forms V-shaped brushes.The colour of the coat comes in various shades of russet gold and dark sandy gold [zsemlesarga]. The leathers may be a little darker otherwise uniform in colour but red, brownish, light yellow or lighter shadings are undesirable.A little white patch on the chest or throat not larger than five cm or white markings on the toes are not considered faulty but anywhere else on the body is extremely undesirable.The colour of the lips and of the eye rims corresponds to the colour of the nose.


Wires are lively, gentle-mannered, loyal, caring and highly affectionate. They quickly form close bonds with their owners, including children. Often they are referred to as "velcro" dogs because of their loyalty and affection. They are quiet dogs, only barking if necessary or provoked.They are natural hunters with an excellent ability to take training. Not only are they great pointers, but they are excellent retrievers as well. They will retrieve on land and in the water, making the most of their natural instincts. However, they must be trained gently and without harsh commands or strong physical correction, as they have sensitive temperaments and can be easily damaged if trained too harshly.Wirehaired Vizslas are excellent swimmers and like all gun dogs, Vizslas require a good deal of exercise to remain healthy and happy. The Hungarian wirehaired Vizsla thrives on attention, exercise, and interaction.
It is highly intelligent, and enjoys being challenged and stimulated, both mentally and physically. Vizslas that do not get enough attention and exercise can easily become destructive or hyperactive. Under-stimulated Vizslas may also become depressed or engage in obsessive-compulsive behaviours such as persistent licking.Lastly Wirehairs are very gentle dogs that are great around children.

The Wire in Work, at Show or play


Wire's in their Native Country "Hungary"


Iram and Dorka swimming in the Danube

Training for OTV just outside Budapest

Picking up on 500 bird day in Hungary


There is no shortage of shooting in Hungary,we have had some good days on shoots in Hungary, the Hungarians are very keen on all forms of field sports.


The Hungarian Plains lends itself to Game of all types, a fantastic area for shooting the size of Norfolk.

The 2008 Hungarian Derby And European Cup "Cegled" Hungary


The 2008 Hungarian Derby and European Cup staged in Cegled Hungary,with 7 nations competing and a large number of FTch involved i thought myself and Iram may well be out of our league, but Iram worked hard and came up trumps again scoring 16 out of 20 and earning himself 4th place in the Derby with a final grading of "Excellent".He was only 3 points behind the winner and i feel i probably cost him the difference with my inexsperience in trialing.He had two very good runs with good steady points great flushes and a good drop to shot but but i think his retrive was second to none, this was a massive learning curve for me but its another step forward in making Iram a duel Champion.We return to Hungary in the spring to compete in a field / water trial, he needs to score 75% of the total points to go towards his Hungarian & International Champion titles we will be working towards over the next 18 months

The "OTV" and "VAV" Tests Hungary May 2009






The day of the test 33 dogs entered

Tracking and retrieving

Training the week before "water work"


Hanna competing from Finland

Iram on point during training

Iram passed his VAV with Maxium scores completing all the disciplines to a very high standard

The "Falcongreen " Team

Herbie , Iram , Josag , Bessy and Dia